About The Program


To broaden students' global perspectives and enhance their English proficiency, the Department has been organizing an overseas learning programme under the Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme (CALIS), in collaboration with the Middlesex University, London. Through immersion in an English environment and participation in an array of social and cultural activities, students are expected to communicate in English with increased confidence and cultivate a greater cross-cultural awareness.

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Middlesex University

For nearly 140 years Middlesex University London and its predecessor institutions have been home to innovators and change-makers. We boast one of the most diverse communities of students and staff of any university in the UK, with almost 19,400 students and 1,900 staff from 140 different countries at our modern north London campus in Hendon.


Our Visits



Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park locates under the former Royal Observatory. It provides a great and beautiful place to enjoy the leisure time. There are full of trees and plants. The view from the former Royal Observatory is really relaxing. "

St Alfege Church

St Alfege Church is in the centre of Greenwich. It was rebuilt in 1712–1714 and designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor. The whole building is meticulous. The white and gold background feels holy and stately. "


The Greenwich market is well known for the delicious food there. No matter traditional or popular food, they all can be found there. "


Brighton Beach

Brighton has a 5.4-mile (8.7 km) beach. The beach is rough hard shingle and the sea is cold and grey. Instead of walking along, tourists can choose to relax and listen to live music in bars and cafes."

Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier is filled with joy and laughter. There is a amusement arcade providing all kinds of games and action. From classic pushers to latest simulators, or even thrill rides.

JB's American Diner

JB’s Diner is a classic American Diner. Inside this restaurant, it is packed with America-style decors and furniture. Provide with Brighton’s best shakes, burgers and steaks, you can enjoy and relax while listening to the 1950’s rock n roll tunes in a chilled environment. "

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a residence for the Royal family in the English county of Berkshire. It is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.In most of the weekends and holidays, the queen spends time here to have her vacation.

River Thames

River Thames is also known as the river of London, a capital’s river, a Royal River and the second longest river of the United Kingdom. It has a length of 346 km. Royal palaces, government buildings, great trading houses, market squares and river crossings all provide links with the past.

River Boats

The boat trip takes about 40 minutes.Travel from Windsor upstream to Boveney Lock and return. You can see the finest view of the castle here. This trip is popular among families and day visitors as it departs frequently during the day. "

Students Say

For service learning, we visited a primary school and an elderly care centre. In mid-July, we went to Sunnyfields Primary School located next to Middlesex University London. The primary school students were mostly six to nine years old children. We played games with them and taught them how to use chopsticks and play shuttlecock (or Jianzi). The children there had much more space to do physical exercises and a greater variety of sports when compared to ordinary Hong Kong children. Surprisingly, I had more fun visiting the elderly care center in late July. We went to a Jewish elderly care centre named Clore Manor, which was around 20 minutes walking distance from Middlesex University London. I saw many old things which I believed belonging to the residents there,  a Designer and Cutter certificate issued in 1937, a ration book issued by Ministry of Food during 1951-1952, a fashion guide called Ponting' s Easter Fashion News in 1958, to name but a few. We gave a brief presentation about different aspects of Hong Kong. In addition, we sang Cantonese and English songs, taught Chinese words, served cakes and gave out souvenirs to people there. I talked to a couple of old people and they told me about themselves and asked me questions. Only few people were able to express themselves clearly and showed interest in our presentation and activities. " LEE Kin Yan Kathryn
We had regular English lessons in Middlesex University on weekdays. My teacher was Marilyn. She was a funny and experienced teacher. Marilyn always prepared extra notes for us such as some good writing examples and some focus exercises for boosting our English in a short period of time, and taught us tactics of getting high marks in IELTS. We all enjoyed her lessons and had a happy time there. What distinguished Marilyn from other teachers was that she loved telling stories. She told us about the history of London and also her past experiences. Sometimes, we had schedules in the afternoon such as visiting historical attractions. She would then tell us the stories of those attractions. The most unforgettable London history for me is the 1966 great fire of London. It was a really cruel history; many people died. Also, I could understand the struggle of the Government that burning down the city could totally stop the disease but also killed many innocent lives. Although our teacher was good and we had a happy time, it was not easy to cope with the programme as we had a lot of homework and little leisure time. The lessons in the UK are totally different from Hong Kong. I was first worried about finding the lessons boring and hard to go through this month, but now time flies and I have known more about London and finally fallen in love with this place. " Li Hiu Yan
Homestay is the most essential part of the programme. Each student was arranged to stay in a host family. My host Thelma is a kind old lady. As our schedule for each day was different, it was quite inconvenient for her to prepare meals for me. Still, she was so kind that she remembered my schedules and cooked dinner for me. It was my first time to travel to Europe by myself and stay in a homestay. I felt very nervous at the beginning, but Thelma gave me lots of help and support. Even there were lots of activities, the homestay was the best place for me to rest and get prepared for the next day. After a month with Thelma, I felt so sad that I had to leave.

Since I am a final year student, this would most probably be my last overseas programme. I got many new and eye-opening experiences in London and I really enjoyed spending time with students from different departments and people from different countries. It was a fabulous and exciting trip with lots of great memories. They gave my university life a perfect ending. "Yeung Kwan Ling Queenie