Student feedback

There were many memorable moments I had experienced. After the visit to the Royal Observatory, we saw many people lying on the grassland in the Greenwich Park, having a leisure time with their friends and families. While we were walking along the park, I found there was a child playing football by himself. As a football hobbyist, I went forward and asked him whether my friends and I could play together. He was pleased to let us join him. Not long after, there was another child who wished to join too. One of us suggested that we could divide into two teams to play football games. We used our bags to set the goal lines on both sides. In the games, we tried our best to score. Although the children were younger than us, they were very skillful in controlling the football. The games were very exciting; we all enjoyed very much. After thirty minutes, we were all exhausted, lying on the grass to take a break and chatting. The kids were very friendly, sharing with us their lives. I then realized one of them was a British and the other was an Italian. It was the first time I played football with foreigners. I was very glad that we could play football on the grass, not on the ground as it was very difficult to find grass pitches in Hong Kong.

CHAN Ka Leong

We were arranged to stay with different host families to learn to be independent. It was difficult for me as I was afraid of talking to strangers. When I was a secondary school student, I was too shy to talk to my Net teacher. Now I had to live with the host family who only spoke English. Later I found that it was a golden opportunity for me to practice English and learn about the English culture. When I rang the doorbell, I saw a kind and friendly face emerged from the other side of the door. My host was called Ivan. He took me to my bedroom and chatted with me. I found local residents were very friendly. He took me to walk around the city to show me the shopping centre and how to go to school. I was a bit surprised as they did not treat me as stranger but one of the family members. I was very lucky to have received very kind treatments from my host family. It was a memorable experience for me.

HO Poon Wing

CALIS is truly a valuable short-term overseas learning programme well designed for me to have a better understanding of the British culture. To get myself internationalized through seeing the other side of world, the trip is beneficial to my life and future career with a rich overseas exposure. As I had to stay in Hong Kong for the whole academic year due to the responsibility as a residence tutor in the past three years, my only choice was to go overseas during the summer break. In that case I had to miss out the opportunity to go on student exchange in a regular semester, CALIS thus fitted in my university study plan perfectly.

HON Yuet Hei Harry

There was something special about CALIS. The first one was the arrangement of host family. We stayed in a homestay throughout the program. This was an excellent opportunity to be immersed in an English-speaking environment. It is good for everyone who wishes to practice oral skills as you would have to communicate with your host family very often. Furthermore, you would learn how to cope with other people. Different homestays may have different rules and lifestyles. Although we stayed for one month only, we could not simply treat homestay like a hotel. The host families served students but they also demanded our respect. For example, my host family asked me to notify them earlier or text them if I came back late. Living in a host stay was very effective in learning the English culture.

LAM Pui Wa

I would say travelling to Bristol was the most memorable moment. It happened that there was a festival when we arrived with lots of people gathering around. Everyone was holding beers with smiles, evidently enjoying themselves. I hadn’t seen those happy scenes for a long time. I had a very good evening in Bristol. Sometimes people there talked to us, asking where we were from, and talked about everything, though we did not know each other. That was amazing, especially in Hon Kong we live in a very fast pace and don’t bother to talk to each other. In Bristol, I felt the connections between people. I was so happy there; it was probably one of the happiest days.

LO Hoi Ming

Studying in England is different from being an exchange student in Taiwan where I went last year. One of the main elements of the programme is to study for one month and attend the IETLS exams. Therefore, I got an opportunity to study in a foreign country. I have learnt useful grammar and exam skills in class. Having lessons in England is a valuable experience as our teacher was very helpful and encouraging. She knew that most of the students from Asia were not confident in speaking up especially in a foreign language. Our teacher always promoted interactive learning and encouraged us to answer her questions no matter the answers were correct or not. She taught us not to be afraid of giving wrong answers and what’s more important was that we should learn from failure. My spoken English has significantly improved since then. Other than teaching the use of English, she also told us about English culture. For instance, she taught us about the history of England, English life and even the economic system. It was interesting to listen to because I could know about England and English culture from a native English which allowed me to figure out the differences between the cultures in England and Hong Kong. These all brought so much fun to the class and more importantly broadened my horizons.

TAM Yat Wah