We are students from -
  • Department of Computer Science & Division of Building Science and Technology
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong, China


Jointly organized by the Department of Computer Science and Division of Building Science and Technology, the Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme 2013 aimed at broadening students’ horizon and strengthening their English communication skills.

4-week summer program

4-week summer program

This 4-week summer program was conducted in collaboration with the Middlesex University of England. It not only consisted of weekly intensive English classes, which is a combination of general English course with IELTS preparation course), but also cultural and social activities and community projects.



Each student was arranged to live with a local homestay for improving their communication skills of English language and gaining a deeper understanding of the lives of the English people.

Visit landmark building

Visit landmark building

In addition, visiting to some renowned landmark buildings and traditional British sport activities are also included in the Scheme. Students not only improve their global perceptive by community activities and homestay family, but also practice their multi-cultural communicative skills and language learning ability.

Language Learning

We learnt for -
  • IELTS Examination
  • Native english: The way to talk, to listen
  • British culture: What is the difference

We joined the summer course of Middlesex University in London. The course included some general English practice for students in order to deal with the ILETS test at the end of the trip.

The course aims at improving our English language skills such as listening, reading, speaking and writing. We have class every weekday morning, in the classes; we mainly focus in our weakness part, such as reading and writing. the teacher teach us some specific skill for the ILETS test that is different from the general English skills that we have learnt before, therefore, it was very useful in the final test.

The course not only gave us lots of exercise to practice on class and homework, but also provided some interactive activities like group discussion, individual presentation and debating. These kind of activities are interesting and be helpful for our learning as they make us impressive and thoroughly understand what we are learning about.

We are also required to submit the journal for the experience in London, that make me recap what we have see and visited in London.

Finally, we were provided the IELTS exam at the end of the summer program. When we have any question, the tutors are very welcomed to answer and gave us some further detail on it.

In brief, we have learnt much on English Language and also the local culture in England. We all feel happy and fruitful for the life in Middlesex University. It was definitely a special and unforgettable experience in our life.


We got -
  • Experience of local living habbit
  • Cultural exchange
  • Care and love

A real exchange

In the trip, we live seperately with different host families. Some of us live with traditional English people and some people came from other part of the world. They are all very nice. in there, we had our own private area for doing our work and taking rest. Every day, We had our simple breakfast with milk, cereal, bread and orange juice. And at night, We had some tradition English food for dinner such as fish and chip. The host family talked to us every meal. We shared our opinion to this world. Not only about England, but also the whole world issue and history. It was very interesting to talk with them. It was definitely broaden our horizon. We would never forget such a nice family to take care a stranger for a month. It was definitley a cultural exchange.


We appreciate -
  • Support from the universities
  • Effort from student ambassador
  • Love from our host family

“Remember darling, don't work for money; work for love, work for life.”

LEI Xihan, Phyllis

"I was sent to a host family that there is just a woman living alone. I was so nervous when we first met."

LO Chun Fai, Eddie

"I was being nervous and worried since I had no idea that how London look like, or I doubted that whether I can ‘survive’ in London"

LO Oi Lam, Nadia

"Thanks to the difference of mother tongue, it is easy to trigger off a bit misunderstanding but we never lead a serious argument."

CHO Ming Ho, Bob

"My host family was very friendly and caring about my study. They always chat with me at dinner time and explain what the news and TV programmes are talking about."

LAI Lau Yan

"It is also fascinating to experience London as a metropolitan city – other than local British, friends come from France, Japan, the United States, Korea, and the list goes on."

CHU Long Yin


CALIS 2013 has come to a successful conclusion. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Middlesex University, UK for their warm receptions and thoughtful arrangements. It is a meaningful and eye-opening experience to stay in a foreign country for a month to immerse ourselves and improve our English standard.

We would also like to extend our hearty thanks to those who were involved and helped directly and indirectly in preparing this programme.

Our particular thanks go to Department of Computer Science, Division of Building Science and Technology, College of Science and Engineering and City University of Hong Kong for their kind support and generous sponsorship.

We also thanks for the Hong Kong SAR Government by providing HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Talent Development Scholarship & Reaching Out Award.

Last but not the least, we especially thank Dr Edward CHAN, Dr Kenneth LEE, Mr Peter Wong, Ms Queenie LAU and Ms Winnie CHUNG for their constant and patient guidance throughout the programme.