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City Tour at Central London

Introduction to CALIS 2011

Jointly organized by the Department of Computer Science and Division of Building Science and Technology, the Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme 2011 aimed at enhancing students' global perspectives and strengthening their English communication skills. This 4-week summer programme was conducted in collaboration with the Middlesex University of England. It consisted of 15-hour intensive English classes per week (a combination of general English course with IELTS preparation course), as well as cultural and social activities and community projects. Each student was arranged to live with a local family as home stay to improve their English language ability and to gain a deeper understanding of the lives of the English people. In addition, visits to some renowned landmark buildings and the 2012 London Olympic Games Stadium site also included in the Scheme. Most students found the programme a fruitful and unforgettable experience. You can find the students' sharing and the photo gallery in this website. Enjoy reading and viewing!

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